Urban Armor Trooper for iPhone 6s

What case we decide to enclose our phone it has to fulfill its duty of protection and must look the part. A phone case that offers reliable protection and is well suited to your iPhone 6s aesthetics is the one to look out for.

If you are a proud owner of the iPhone 6s and plan to keep it that way, then you must plan towards its protection and this review is for you.

What does the Urban Armor Trooper offer?

The Urban Armor Gear for iPhone 6s is the super thick case, but this does not make it feel bulky or heavy. It will not let your phone slip from your hands and helps maintain a firm grip. This case comes with a hexagonal rubber pattern on the inside which helps in absorbing shock. The previous Urban Trooper has triangular shock absorbers. It certainly is a good upgrade to the feature, as it enhances the absorbing capacity.

The outside of the Urban Trooper is made of hard plastic. Not only this is rigid, providing good impact strength, it also conceals a small wallet compartment. Surprise! Not only can you carry your phone, but your cash and cards alongside as well. The card/ cash holder is made from the same rubber material that is present in the inner lining.

The cover does seem thick and heavy but feels and weighs the opposite. It weighs around 90 grams, which is less than half of the weight of the iPhone 6s. The sides of the Urban Armor Trooper case are also composed of rubber. This facilitates easy access to the port entries. Furthermore, it allows the buttons to be easily pressed even if the user is wearing gloves.

The cutout at the camera is deep as the cover is thick. The high raised edges protect it from scratches and manage not to block the view at the same time. The bumpers present on all four sides are an amazing shock absorber. Moreover, there are skid pads that will refrain your phone from sliding off smooth surfaces.

There is a small compartment present at the backside, which has notches giving space for 4 cards and things can easily be stored in between. Even with all this storage the phone case does not look swollen. There are pads on edges and a hinged door that keeps everything sealed shut leaving no loose areas coming off. The phone case provides extra grip due to its rough edges and hinges.


Not only is the Urban Armor Trooper for iPhone 6s undeniably durable, but it also has a unique array of colors to choose from. So, you can mix and match according to your outfit. Colors available are black, white, orange and rust.

Price Point

Retails for 40 dollars.

A phone case with a wallet attached. The Urban Armor Trooper for iPhone 6s is ease and style presented in a single phone case. An upper-class case for a high-end phone.


Joan Carlson