Otterbox Defender for iPhone 6s

Having an iPhone is high maintenance. If you want the definitive reassurance that your phone will pull through any damage, then this review is for you.

The Otterbox Defender for iPhone 6s assures extreme and robust protection this phone deserves.

What does it offer?

This phone case offers 3 layers of protection. This protects form drop impacts, debris damage, and scratches. It comes with a built-in screen shield, no need to buy the screen protector separately. The Otterbox comes with a harder inner shell enveloped with a softer outer shell made of a rubber liner and lastly, a holster that can be detached. This ensures dust and water protection along with extreme impacts.

If you tend to bend your phone a lot, this case it made for you. With its 3-layered protection, there’s no space for bending.

To install your phone, you need to pull the rubber seal off that encircles the hard case. This discloses the internal hard-shell case. A protector covers the Apple logo and the screen, which you can open by opening the clasps on the side. This opens two plates. The back plate has a cushion that stabilizes the phone. It prevents wiggle room, seal it up and provides impact protection. Moreover, it does not let it collide with the hard case again and again.

The screen protector has been altered to support the Touch ID feature. It is curved in a way so that the touch ID can work through the screen protector. Just place your phone on the back plate and snap shut the front plate in place. Then, mount the rubber sleeve which covers the internal case entirely. Your iPhone 6s is fully protected, all there is left to do is to mount the holster, whose direction can be changed to suit your feasibility. This holster is very rigid, so it won’t break off easily, unlike others that become loose with time. The back holster has a clip on the side that helps in reversing the direction to requirement. Adding to this, you can flip the phone facing toward the holster for added protection. This phone case is considered the tank of cases.

We all know an individual who always manages to mess their buttons on their phone. This case is enclosed immaculately. The volume and power buttons function with ease and give reliable protection. Time to gift the Otterbox Defender to your friends owning an iPhone 6s.

There is a flap that lies above the notification switch, shielding it from any mishap. Another on the headphone jack and Lightning Port, keeping them sealed shut.

The cutouts are up to size for easy access to the ports. Cutout for the camera is sized large enough for the lens and flash. This cover is thick enough, that when you place the phone face down, your camera lens will stay out of danger.


It comes with lots of color choices to select from.


Amazon sells it for $24.29.


The Otterbox Defender for iPhone 6s acts as armor, keeping your phone out of harm’s way.

Joan Carlson