Antwerp Avenue GRL PWR case for iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 coming in the Jet Black Color turned out to be the fresh breeze for those who were quite tired of the monotonous colours it had been ruling the market for quite some time. So, all those desperate with the iPhone colour options were fastest to get hands on this Jet Black model, which turned out to be dismal for the techies in the longer run.

The question which might be popping in your mind as well is how this most wanted model failed to live it up to the hype. The answer is simple as this model got scratched and scuffed within just days of its usage. So, one can’t manage to have this one without covering it with the case. And once if you get it into the case it looks like iPhone 6 to the greater extent.

Rest assured, iPhone 7 Jet Black user needs the case that hides it but still you could make a significant impression through it. Here’s one of the reviews of the cases for you:

Antwerp Avenue GRL PWR case for iPhone 7 Review


Is it your cup of tea?
This case with tagline ‘GRL PWR’ is a vibrant case for all the girls out there, or most specifically the feminists. With getting this case applied on your phone, one can provide all the required protection plus denoting your own style in a different way. The tagline written on the back of your case lets you flaunt it with the pride, in case you’re a pro-woman and believe you aren’t second to none.  The blend of rubber and polycarbonate provides protection from the inside out. Whether it is the shock-resistance or the drop proof, this case is quite apt for your iPhone 7.

You always don’t need to cost your style in order to gain protection and this case is the prime example of it. It gives you ample reasons to buy this one if you’re a girl; the most basic one is the pink colour of this case. The tagline was written on it just enhances your style and also affirms your pro-woman stance in some capacity.

It’s stuffed with high quality and that’s good enough to make it keep going for a long time. The blend of rubber and polycarbonate just increases the life of this case and that means compact protection for long.

Damage on Pocket
35.00 EUR

Colour Options

What it is made up of?
Rubber and Polycarbonate

Value for Money (VFM)
35 Eur for this high-end case will make you feel better in the longer run as it will let you flaunt your style and pamper with the ultimate protection. It will be pertinent to mention here that this case extends protection from the drops and shocks as well.

Joan Carlson